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Stacey Ward

Co-Director, Sustainable Enterprise 2008

Stacey Ward came to Sonoma, CA from the Central Valley over seven years ago and fell in love with the area. Her move was motivated by her studies at Sonoma State University where she graduated with a double major in Environmental Studies/Planning and Economics. Soon after her graduation, she extended her formal training by earning an MBA with an emphasis in Environmental Entrepreneurship through the GreenMBA program.

In tandem with her studies she has spent the last seven years in the hospitality industry where she has worked at MacArthur Place Inn & Spa in Sonoma, rising through the ranks from Reservationist to Group Sales Manager to the venue’s Financial Analyst. Her project management work spans the financial and operational aspects of the company. Her formal education in sustainable business has equipped her with the ability to spearhead and continue to expand the sustainability program at MacArthur Place. She has been a catalyst for change at MacArthur Place and believes whole heartedly that continuing on a journey towards sustainability makes a business healthier with reduced expenses and increased revenues, less toxicity and waste and stakeholder satisfaction. She believes in fostering sustainable decision making and creating collaborative partnerships, which leads to better business practices and stakeholder engagement.

She recently joined the Board of the Sonoma Ecology Center, a non-profit organization that works with the community to understand and preserve the unique ecology of Sonoma Valley.

Stacey is passionate about creating balance between our environment, people and business—she is delighted to be facilitating just that at MacArthur Place and looks forward to helping spread sustainability in her community and to other businesses through her budding consultancy practice.