This is the archive website for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference. The site hosts archives for our events from 2007-2018.

In 2020 we deployed a new webite for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference at

Since COVID-19 arrived we've stopped convening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sustainable Enterprise Conference?

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is a day-long learning and networking conference dedicated to helping North Bay businesses, academic, government and non-profit organizations transition to economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

In 2018 Sustainable Enterprise Confernece will convene in three communities: in Sonoma County on June 22 at SOMO Village in Rohnert Park; Marin in October at Embassy Suites in San Rafael; and Contra Costa in November at the Pleasant Hill Community Center.

Why is the Sustainable Enterprise Conference important now?

Businesses and organizations are realizing significant bottom-line benefits and economic rewards when they prioritize environmental and social sustainability. These rewards don’t just come from improving efficiency and reducing consumption, but from the rapidly increasing percentage of prospective customers and clients seeking companies that embrace sustainability.

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference offers a valuable opportunity for these communities to come together and share their stories and ideas with each other. Participants interact with luminary speakers and participate in practical workshops to learn how they can drive financial, environmental, and social prosperity in their organizations and communities. As the only annual forum in the North Bay providing such an opportunity, professionals and executives will not want to miss the Sustainable Enterprise Conference. 

How many people are expected to attend this year’s conference?

Size varies by location. At the Sonoma event approximately 400 North Bay business, nonprofit, and educational leaders attend the annual conference. Over 30 speakers, 50 exhibitors and 30 student volunteers will also participate.

What are the benefits of attending the Sustainable Enterprise Conference?

Participants at this year’s conference will gain real and useable insights into how to transition their organizations to sustainability in three key areas – environmental, social, and economic.  Workshops and networking opportunities will allow participants to learn firsthand of the challenges and rewards of making this transition and will enable them to leave with tools and knowledge they can use to change their organizations.

Through interactive presentations and discussions, individuals learn:

  • The latest in green economic development trends and opportunities within the North Bay
  • Organizational management workshops to help you implement innovative sustainability strategies
  • What it takes to win business and brand loyalty from sustainability-minded customers
  • Compelling case studies featuring bottom-line and market advantages for corporate responsibility and ecological sustainability
  • Networking with North Bay business leaders across industries and sectors who are committed to social, economic and environmental responsibility 

Who should attend the Sustainable Enterprise Conference?

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is particularly geared to the interests of North Bay business leaders and those responsible for taking action around the sustainability of their enterprise.  Past participants have included:

  • Entrepreneurs who are starting or plan to start new enterprises
  • Executives, managers, and individuals responsible for setting long term direction
  • Professionals and consultants who are engaging in sustainable enterprise activities
  • Educators and students with an interest in sustainable enterprise
  • Staff and members of nonprofit organizations with a desire to operate more sustainably
  • Those who influence, design, or implement public policy
  • Anyone who is interested in bringing new concepts to their workplace 

Who are notable past presenters?

Past Speaker List

Past speakers included Assembly member Jared Huffman, Guayaki CEO Chris Mann, Infineon Raceway President & General Manager Steve Page, Research Director at Institute for the Future Tracey Grose, Sonoma State University Business Administration Dean Dr. William S. Silver and Professor Robert Eyler Ph.D., Sonoma County Supervisors Efren Carrillo and Mike McGuire.

How do I register for the Sustainable Enterprise Conference?

Interested participants can register online at

Seating is limited.

Who produces the Sustainable Enterprise Conference?

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference Organizing Committee is a group of Northern California business leaders, University faculty, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs joined together to promote sustainable business practices. We partner with business organizations, chambers of commerce, nonprofits, and other community-based organizations to present this one day event. 

The registration, marketing, and event logistics are contracted to 108 Technologies, a Sonoma County technology consultancy for enterprises in sustainable economy, environmental biodiversity and social equity.