Presentation Suggestion

Show our audience where investments in sustainability can have economic, environmental and social benefits. Presentations that are practical, interactive and offer lessons learned from your experience are welcomed.

One Planet Principles

Our theme, One Planet for a Sustainable Future, is inspired by the work of Bioregional and their One Planet Principles - a framework for sustainability that makes it easy, attractive and affordable for people everywhere to lead whole sustainable lifestyles.

In your session description please address how your topic will help us move toward living within the resources of our one beautiful planet, adding to the health and happiness in our communities, or achieving equity in our local economies.

Our goal is to provide workshops that stimulate discovery of what participants can do to develop sustainable practices in their enterprises, whether business, government, nonprofit or educational. 

Presentations should address one or more of the conference objectives:

  • Discover ways that sustainability can drive economic development.
  • Understand the North Bay economy and how organizations use sustainability to gain an advantage.
  • Describe innovations that pave the way toward greater organizational or community sustainability.
  • Identify opportunities for enterprises to optimize their resource management.
  • Learn to identify proven attributes of sustainable practices.
  • Present sustainability opportunities for Northern California organizations.

The annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference program offers a variety of presentation formats. New and less experienced speakers are encouraged to submit for shorter formats.

For the printed program.

Select the One Planet Principles that will be represented in your presentation.

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